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Unfriendly Organizations
    da BATF

National Rifle Association Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership Gun Owners of America North American Hunting Club

US Concealed Carry Association Front Sight Firearms Training Institute National Association for Gun Rights National Shooting Sports Foundation

Contact: john@gunbox.org

National Organizations With Anti-Gun Policies

National Vital Statistics Reports
From the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention
Deaths: Final Data for 2013
Volume 64, Number 2, February 16, 2016 (in .pdf format, 7.31Mb from cdc.gov)


Lethal Laws a book by Jay Simkin, Aaron Zelman & Alan M. Rice, Copyright 1995 David B. Kopel
Originally published in the New York Law School Journal of International and Comparative Law, 1995, Vol. 15, pages 355-398.
Lethal Laws: Gun Control is the Key to Genocide @ Amazon.com

More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, Third Edition (Studies in Law and Economics)
By John R. Lott, Jr. (@ amazon.com)



Accuracy International    www.accuracyinternational.com
Advanced Armament Corp.    www.advanced-armament.com
AirForce Airguns    www.airforceairguns.com
Alexander Arms (Beowolf/Grendel)    www.alexanderarms.com
American Tactical (ATI)    www.americantactical.us
Armalite    www.armalite.com
Arsenal Inc. (US Made AK-47)    www.arsenalinc.com
Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.    www.barrettrifles.com
Benelli    www.benelliusa.com
Beretta    www.beretta.com
Black Rain Ordnance    www.blackrainordnance.com
Browning    www.browning.com
Bushmaster    www.bushmaster.com
Charter Arms    www.charterfirearms.com
Chiappa Firearms    www.mkschiappa.com/
Colt    www.colt.com
Daniel Defense    danieldefense.com/
Franchi    www.franchiusa.com
Freedom Arms, Inc.    www.freedomarms.com
Gibraltar Arms    gibraltar-arms.com/
Glock    www.glock.com
H&K    www.hk-usa.com
Kalashnikov    kalashnikov.guns.ru
Kel Tek    keltecweapons.com
Kimber    www.kimberamerica.com
Magnum Research    www.magnumresearch.com
Marlin    www.marlinfirearms.com
Mossberg    www.mossberg.com
North American Arms    www.naaminis.com
Noveske    www.noveskerifleworks.com
Olympic Arms    www.olyarms.com
Para-USA    www.paraord.com
Phase 5    www.phase5wsi.com
POF-USA    www.pof-usa.com
Remington    www.remington.com
Rock River Arms    rockriverarms.com
Rossi    www.rossi.com
Savage Arms    www.savagearms.com
SD Tactical Arms    www.sdtacticalarms.com
SIG Sauer    www.sigsauer.de
Smith & Wesson    www.smith-wesson.com
Springfield Armory    www.springfield-armory.com
Stag Arms    www.stagarms.com
Steyr Mannlicher    www.steyr-mannlicher.com
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.    www.ruger-firearms.com
S.W.A.T. Firearms    www.swatfirearms.com
Taurus    www.taurususa.com
VLTOR Weapon Systems    www.vltor.com
Walther    www.waltheramerica.com
Weatherby    www.weatherby.com
Wilson Combat    www.wilsoncombat.com
Winchester Rifles & Shotguns    www.winchesterguns.com



Aguila Ammunition    www.aguilaammo.com
Berger Bullets    www.bergerbullets.com
Black Hills    www.black-hills.com
Blazer    www.blazer-ammo.com
CCI    www.cci-ammunition.com
Cor Bon    www.cor-bon.com
Dynamic Research Technologies (DRT)    www.drtammo.com
Federal Ammunition    www.federalpremium.com
Fiocchi    www.fiocchiusa.com
Firequest International    www.firequest.com
G2Research    www.g2rip.com
Glaser Safety Slug    www.safetyslug.com
Hornady    www.hornady.com
Nosler    www.nosler.com
Remington Ammunition    www.remington.com
Rio Ammunition    www.rioammo.com
Safety Bullet    www.safetybullet4texas.com
SBR    www.sbrammunition.com
Simunition    www.simunition.com
White Feather .308    www.snipercountry.com
Winchester Ammunition    www.winchester.com
Wolf Performance Ammunition    www.wolfammo.com

AMMOSEEK.COM    www.ammoseek.com
AMMOSUPPLYWAREHOUSE.COM    www.ammosupplywarehouse.com
BULKAMMO.COM    www.bulkammo.com
LUCKYGUNNER.COM    www.luckygunner.com



22lr Conversions (Conversions)    www.22lrconversions.com
ALG Defense (triggers)    www.algdefense.com
AR500 (Body Armor)    www.ar500armor.com
Atlasware (Water Bottles)    www.atlasware.net
ATN (Night Vision)    www.atncorp.com
Bianchi (Holsters)    www.bianchi.com
Binoculars.com (Binoculars and Scopes)    www.binoculars.com
Bipod ShootingSticks (Bipod)    www.bipodshootingsticks.com
Black Hills Leather (Holsters)    www.blackhillsleather.com
BladeTech (Holsters)    shop.blade-tech.com
Bushnell (Optics)    www.bushnell.com
CiTTAC (AR500 Targets)    www.cittac.com
Clear Ballistics (Ballistic Gel)    www.clearballistics.com
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Crimson Trace (Laser Sight)    www.crimsontrace.com
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EOTech Holographic Weapons Systems (Sights)    www.eotech-inc.com
Firequest (Misc. Accessories)    www.firequest.com
Flashlight Outlet (Lights)    www.flashlightoutlet.com
Flawless Tactical Solutions (AR Parts)    www.flawlesstactical.com
Galco Gunleather (Holsters)    www.usgalco.com
Geissele (AR-15 Triggers)    www.geissele.com
Grassburr Leather Works (Holsters)    www.grassburr.com
Gunthreadadapters.com (Solvent Trap Adapter)    www.gunthreadadapters.com
h2o Printers (Hydrographic Printing)    www.h20printers.com
Hogue (Grips)    www.getgrip.com
Infinite Product Solutions (Solvent Trap Adapter)    www.infiniteproductsolutions.com
IMI Defense (Holsters)    www.imidefense.com
Kickback Coatings (Cerakote/Duracoat)    www.kickbackcoatings.com
Kramer Handgun Leather (Holsters)    www.kramerleather.com
Lancer Systems (Magazines)    www.lancer-systems.com
Lasermax (Laser Sight)    www.lasermax-inc.com
Lazer Range (Laser Ammo)    www.lazerrange.com
Lee Precision Inc. (Reloading)    www.leeprecision.com
Leitner-Wise MFG (AR-15 Parts)    www.leitner-wise.com
Leupold (Optics)    www.leupold.com
Lyman (Reloading)    www.lymanproducts.com
Magloader (Speed Loader)    www.magloader.com
Magpul (Magazines)    www.magpul.com
Mernickle (Holsters)    www.mernickle.com
Mission Tactical (Body Armor)    missiontactical.com
NIC Law Enforcement Supply    www.nic-inc.com
North Wood Shooting Sports (Targets)    www.northwoodshootingsports.com/
Optics Planet (Optics)    www.opticsplanet.com
Pachmayr (Grips)    www.pachmayr.com/home
Pelican (Cases/Storage)    www.pelican.com
Plano AirGlide (Gun Case)    www.amazon.com
Quick Safe (Gun Storage)    www.quickgunsafe.com
Redding Reloading    www.redding-reloading.com
Safariland (Holsters)    www.safariland.com
ShortLane (Chamber Adapters)    www.gunadapters.com
Sidearmor (Holsters)    www.sidearmor.net
Spike's Tactical (Firearm Parts)    www.spikestactical.com
Sprinco (Tactical Springs)    www.sprinco.com
Strike Industries (Firearm Parts)    www.strikeindustries.com
Supertrap (Firing Ranges)    www.supertrap.com
Tactical Fire Control, Inc. (AR-15 Trigger)    www.tacconusa.com
Tapco (Magazines)    www.tapco.com
TruArmor (Body Armor)    www.truarmortargets.com
Uncle Mikes's (Holsters)    www.unclemikes.com
UniversalHolsters (Holsters)    www.universalholsters.com
Victory Shoulder Holster (Holsters)    www.victoryholsters.com
Weaver (Optics)    www.weaveroptics.com
Wideners (Reloading)    www.wideners.com
Yankee Hill Machine Co. (Suppressors)    www.yhm.net



ArmsList (Firearms Marketplace)
Bravo Company USA
Costa Ludus
Cheaper Than Dirt
Delta Force
DPMS Panther Arms
Eagle Grips
ebang Auctions
Gun Auction (Auction)
Gunbot.net (Ammo price search)
GunCite (Second Amendment Issues)
The Gunfighter Zone
GunsAmerica (The Honor System Gun Classifieds)
Gunbroker.com (Gun auctions)
International Military Sales PLUS (IMS-PLUS)
Invaluable.com - Premier Firearm Auctions
JP Enterprises (Performance Tactical Gear)
Model "1" Sales
Paladin Press
R Guns
Rock River Arms (Custom Firearm/Parts/Accessories)
Shomer Tec (Law Enforcement and Military Equipment)
Shotgun News
Soldier of Fortune
Spy Stuff
Tactical Machining
Texas Gun Trader
Troy Industries
US Cavalary Magazine
Valery Shilin's Gun Club
Waterbrick International
Webpal.org (Nuclear Survival)
‡ = Gun Market/Broker/Trader/Auction

Friendly Organizations


Firing Line
FPS Russia
Gun Owners of America (GOA)
The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO)
* National Rifle Association (NRA)
North American Hunting Club
Remtek - The Arms Site
San Antonio Concealed Handgun
Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)
The Nation's Gun Show
Women Against Gun Control (WAGC)

Unfriendly Organizations


Do you notice what ALL of the people leading the charge to take away your 2nd Amendment rights have in common? It starts with a D.
Americans For Responsible Solutions (Gabrielle Dee "Gabby" Gifford (Democrat))
Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence
United States Department of Justice
    Headed by Mr. 'Fast & Furious' Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. (Democrat)
United States Department of Homeland Security
    Headed by Secretary Jeh Charles Johnson (Democrat)
National Education Association
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
    Secretary Julián Castro (Democrat)
President Barack Hussein Obama II (Democrat)
Hilary Rodham Clinton (Democrat)
New York Governor Andrew Mark Cuomo (Democrat)
California Congresswoman Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi (Democrat)
California Senator Barbara Levy Boxer (Democrat)
New York Senator Charles Ellis "Chuck" Schumer (Democrat)

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